Welcome to Worship Forward!

Chances are, you’ve landed here in the midst of yet another frustrating online search for progressive worship leading resources.

Are you like me? Were these your search results? 

“Where are all the progressive worship leading resources?”

Progressive Christian Blogger

“Watch out for progressive worship leaders!”

Conservative Evangelical Pastor

“Here are some heavy-handed folksy progressive songs I wrote in the nineties.”

Mustachioed Guitarist from a Mainline Church



Progressive worship leaders are in a tough spot. Like many worship leaders, we’re looking for songs that are theologically compelling, but not musically boring; catchy and singable, but not lyrically weak; rooted in music history, but not outdated or gimmicky; new and exciting, but not trendy and fleeting. And as progressives, we sense a responsibility to add “egalitarian, nonviolent, and free of cultural appropriation” to the list. 

If you just found yourself taking calming breaths, congratulations! You’re a progressive worship leader! 


My name is Brian Schroeder. I’m a progressive worship leader who, over the past fifteen years or so, has worked with communities seeking to innovate within their worship spaces. Like you, I’ve found resources to be severely lacking for progressive worship leaders. 

Enter Worship Forward. On this platform, I hope to begin a conversation and share some of what I’ve learned over the years, including: 

  • Gracefully adapting songs to be more egalitarian, non-violent, and non-appropriative
  • Incorporating hymns into modern worship
  • Being mindful of marginalized identities in your worship leading
  • Writing worship band values statements 
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Running rehearsals
  • Creating a strong chord sheet
  • Cultivating trust and participation in your congregation

(All this without sneaking in “and that’s why marriage is between one man and one woman” or some crap like that.)

I have seen, again and again, how powerfully worship can transform lives when it is done well. Worship Forward is here to be a resource as you discover your unique voice as a leader, build an innovative worship community, and serve our God with a joyful heart.

Join me! 

This is what I look like.